The Godspeek Podcast is a series of live-streams that examines the society of the gods and the supernatural. Hosted by The Arkon and The Greek, it’s a complement to this website and expands on the articles published here. You can listen and download all podcasts for free through the widgets below.

Episode 0: Introductions

The Godpseek Podcast kicks off with an introductory episode featuring The Arkon and The Greek as they lay out some of the subjects of future episodes. With its focus on the supernatural realm, the series will be digging into everything from the origins of religions to the nature of the occult and the hierarchy within the spirit world. Enjoy.

Episode 1: The Ancient World

Classical antiquity is the first topic of the Godspeek podcast, where The Arkon and The Greek discuss matters concerning ancient empires, lost technology, and mystery schools. The idea is to set the stage for future talks by exploring how notions of the unseen realm developed over the ages, and the roles that different civilizations played in that.

Episode 2: Spirit & Soul

For millennia, spirit and soul have been central concepts in philosophy and religion, around which many texts and treatises revolve. But since the Middle Ages, there’s arisen a paucity of accurate information about these phenomena. Instead of describing empirical mechanisms, these words have sunk into overuse, adulterated by spiritualists, advertisers and pop culture. In this episode of the Godpseek Podcast, The Arkon asks The Greek to elaborate on the ancient understandings of “spirit” and “soul”, as well as why their meanings have been lost to time.


Episode 3: The Gods

That mankind is inextricably linked to an invisible yet predominant race of beings known as “gods” is an age-old notion, having been referenced in the earliest written records. But in the last two millennia, views of the gods have changed drastically as monotheism supplanted most other belief systems concerning the supernatural. In order to shed some light on the nature and society of the gods, The Arkon and The Greek spend episode three discussing how they operate, how their domain is structured and what their plans are for mankind.

Episode 4: Judaism

The fourth episode of the Godspeek Podcast sees The Arkon and The Greek commence their discussions on the folly of monotheistic religions, starting with Judaism. As one of the most enigmatic groups of the last 1000+ years, the Jews have always been the subject of curiosity and debate, prompting either sympathy or animosity from their onlookers. From their turbulent history in the Middle East to the internal conflicts created by their rabbinic leaders, The Greek shares some exposition on how the Jews came to be the group we see today, with a social and religious order that varies greatly from how it started off.

Episode 5: Christianity

The midway point of the Godspeek podcast is marked by a conversation concerning the most widespread religion on the planet. By dominating the Western world, Christianity has come to penetrate most of the globe whether by way of its missionaries or its media. Its politics shaped much of the Middle Ages and its modern incarnations have become some of the most powerful psychological implements for mass control. From the writing of the Bible to the origins of churches or the truth behind the crucifixion, The Arkon and The Greek take the time to dissect some of the historical developments and theological points that led to Christianity’s rise and fixture into the lives of billions.

Episode 6: Islam

Having moved on from Judaism and Christianity, The Arkon and The Greek cover the religion of Islam in episode six of the Godspeek Podcast. From it’s unclear origins in Arabia to the background of its founder, there exists a vast array of talking points one could cover. What connections exist between Islam and other major religions? What is the academic opinion on the Quran? What can be said about current day developments in the Middle East in light of its Muslim population? Over the course of 90 minutes, these questions and more are discussed.

Episode 7: Eastern Religions

Episode seven of the Godspeek podcast covers the topic of Eastern religions, specifically those of China, India and Japan. With the Western adoption of these religions having diluted their core messages beyond recognition, it warrants a re-examination to see what insights can be gleaned from their ancient texts and histories. By covering belief systems like Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism and Shintoism, The Arkon and The Greek hope to get closer to what the progenitors of these religions once proclaimed to their followers.