Humanity is in a state where they’re unable to identity the agents responsible for their condition, aka, the gods. But because of religion, people think the gods are either stupid or fictitious, when the opposite is true. In fact, the reality of how they deal with mankind is so harsh that most people prefer falling for religion anyway, just to make life easier on themselves.

– The Greek


Godspeek.com is geared towards shedding light on the subject of the gods.
A topic hijacked by religion and the occult for many centuries, it remains shrouded in ambiguity, so the site aims to unpack the information and make it publicly available.

It’s become fashionable to talk about the supernatural, and many find it novel to pose as neo-pagans and occultists. But needless to say, those who talk the most on such subjects often know the least. They can tell you everything about magic and witchcraft, but if you ask them, “Who are the gods and why are we here? ”, they go silent. Evidently, there are more things in the spirit world than what can be dreamt up in mystery cults and covens. Godspeek is an attempt to bridge that gap between the uncertainties of folklore and mysticism, and the more robust claims made by ancient cultures about the world of the gods.

This website is less beholden to the idea of amassing an audience than to expanding on its subject matter, and as a result, will be most accepted by those who have already pondered the ideas expressed here. Its purpose is not to say anything novel or new, but to say things which have been said before and need to be plainly said again.

Godpseek.com is the result of creating and compiling various bodies of thought, both original and previously published, to make their message more concise and readable.
The website was created and is managed by The Arkon, who can be reached here.